The Developer API and FTP exporting systems have undergone several improvements, as follows:
parameter allows you to
export the ranking data for a specific website
, whether it is the main website of the project or one of its competitors.
parameter enables you to export the keyword Search Intent. When this parameter is
set to true
, two new columns -
Search Intent
Previous Search Intent
are added to the generated export file.
  • A new API operation - get keywords - was introduced. With this operation, you can retrieve all the keywords and keyword groups for one or multiple projects.
  • The keyword
    Search Intent is now included by default in FTP ranking exports
    . The ranking files include four new columns: Search Intent, Secondary Search Intent, Previous Search Intent, and Previous Secondary Search Intent.
Feature availability
The Developer API feature is accessible for Agency monthly plans and all yearly subscriptions. On the other hand, the automatic exports to FTP are available for monthly subscriptions starting from the Enterprise level, and for all yearly subscriptions.