The Market Share formula was recently updated so you can see the percentage of estimated visits calculated for:
1) both
The Non-Branded group is a category, different from the keyword groups you can manually create, that automatically appears in your project.
The Non-Branded group includes all the keywords added to the project that were not marked as Branded.
As the keywords are assigned to the Branded category, they will be subtracted from the Non-Branded one.
By comparing the Market Share generated by your branded and unbranded keywords you get a clear picture of how much
you own as a
versus as a
(operational entity) within your industry.
Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 15
2) a
custom URL
on your website.
Previously, the overall Market Share was calculated for the entire domain, regardless of the project's main URL and selected aliases.
After the update, the project's Market Share is based on an
exact match
formula. This means that, the Market Share is calculated considering only the URL added as the main website of the project and if the case, the additional URLs added as aliases.
When matching positions with the websites found on SERPs, the project's main alias is the one that controls how the URLs are being considered, instructing the application to report the ranking positions solely for the web page of interest. If additional URLs/subdomains are added as aliases, the ranking positions for these pages are reported too.
The Market Share now works as described above for both the main the competitors' URLs you manually added in your project settings. These are the websites highlighted with a green line in the Market Share report.
Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 09
For the competitors that are extracted automatically from the two pages of the SERPs gathered for your keywords, the Market Share will continue to be calculated based on all URLs found in the Top 20.
Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 16
The new Market Share formula is useful especially in two situations:
  • when in need to see the
    Market Share generated by all brand's appearances on Google Search
    . Facebook pages, YouTube videos, or the GMBs can be added as aliases to the project were tracking the website to have an even more clear view on how many visits you can expect to get from the total organic traffic opportunity, and how that compares to the competition.
  • when promoting multiple products on a website and need to see
    the Market Share generated by each product category
    . By monitoring each product category, besides the estimated visits that category can generate, you can see the direct competitors that outrank you in that particular niche.
The Market Share report is available for the Pro, Agency and Enterprise monthly plans, and all our yearly subscriptions including Starter.