The Forecasting primarily helps users understand how ranking higher for the set of keywords monitored with AWR could impact a business's performance in terms of conversions and revenue.
But it can be also useful for users wanting to:
  • set realistic goals when performing SEO campaigns.
  • track the month-by-month progress of the desired goals vs. actual achievements.
  • visualize the year-over-year search volume of keywords.
  • check the organic traffic coming from the non-branded queries.
  • see how the inertial traffic is affected by search seasonality or if no SEO attempts are made.
The Forecast represents an
which is based on the
ranking position
search volume
, and
recorded by the
non-brand keywords
you added for monitoring in AWR.
In short, it foretells how many
organic visits
, and
could be obtained if a particular ranking target is reached.
For detailed information on how to create a Forecast, the algorithm works, and what each of the outputted metrics represents please check this article here.