With the introduction of the new filtering option, we aimed to provide a clear picture of the international markets that (may) generate the highest number of Impressions and Clicks for the keywords you are targeting.
Besides the
, the data retrieved from the connected Google Search Console account can now be split down to the
Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 13
In the Google Data > Search Console report there are available both the
global values
calculated for
all countries
where your website appeared/was clicked in SERP or
split by the Country
The countries available for selection in the Search Console report are for the search engines you have added to the Project Settings > Search Engines section and for which the ranking positions are being monitored.
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The Search Console report shows the traffic data for each country across
devices but also for
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When adding a new search engine to the project, the country selected will appear as an available option in the countries drop-down menu in the Search Console report. The GSC data for the newly added country will become available within the next 24-48 hours.
Splitting the GSC data by country is available starting with the Agency monthly plan and all yearly subscriptions