As we always aim to make your experience with AWR as pleasant as possible a new series of UI/UX improvements were added:
  • to make the metrics definitions easier to access,
    tooltips on hover
    are now available for each column in the table.
  • so you can keep focus only on the ranking data that is of the most interest to you, a
    KPIs dismissal option
    was added to all UI reports where the KPIs tabs & charts are displayed.
  • the ranking tables are now easier to scan as the
    displayed for each metric were
    vertically aligned
    , as well as the
    expand arrow icons
    for each table row and their containers.
  • so you can know which ranking data you are looking at, the
    inputs drop-down menus
    , the
    date picker
    , and the
    tables header
    were converted to sticky elements and will remain displayed at the top of the report when scrolling down.
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 10
  • as we want to make the tables even easier to use two new preferences were added:
    Reset table
    Toggle charts
    . The
    Reset table
    option will reset the table to its default preferences (no filters applied, adult sorting, and columns in the table) while the
    Toggle charts
    option will show/hide the sparklines with keywords evolution in time.
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 14