As we aimed for a simplified keyword management, the terms added for monitoring that are directly associated with the project's main website (domain's name or variations of it) are now automatically identified and marked as Branded. Once a keyword is identified as a brand term the "B" label will be displayed near it in all UI reports where the keyword appears.
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 16
In addition, the former Branded & Not-Branded keyword groups have been turned into dynamic groups and are now constantly updated based on automatic checks for branded terms (which take place once a month or every time new keywords are added to the project) and any manual user intervention (when the user manually marks the keywords as branded or not branded).
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If a keyword is marked as not branded it will no longer be included in the Branded dynamic group on future automatic checks, and vice-versa.
Same as before, a term can be marked as branded or not branded using the
drop-down menu which is displayed once the keyword is selected using the corresponding checkbox.
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A dynamic group's input keywords can be edited from the Project settings > Keywords section.
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