This month brings a piece of excellent news especially for clients with international businesses:
Global Search Volume
is now one of the metrics that can be monitored with AWR.
The Global Search Volume is an addition to the other four search volume metrics -
Local Searches
Search Trends
, and
Quarterly Search Trends
- already available. For more details on these 4 metrics please check this article here.
Looking at the global volume can provide you with important insight into the popularity of certain keywords and how it compares to the number of country-specific Searches.
Global Search Volume
is defined as the
average monthly number of searches that a keyword receives across all the locations and in all languages
supported by Google's Keyword Planner tool.
You can check a keyword’s global number of searches in the Ranking > Keywords and Comparison > Search Engines UI reports where the
Global Search Volume
metric is available as an optional column:
Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 17
Unlike the other search volume metrics which are updated monthly, the global searches are updated every 2 months.
Global searches are enabled for monthly subscriptions starting with Agency and all yearly plans, while the other 4 metrics mentioned above are available for all the AWR plans and subscriptions.